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Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting

Our commitment to natural resource management, conservation planning and environmental compliance has established Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting as a leading natural resource management organization for landowners, non-profit organizations and government agencies in the Intermountain west.

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Our Services We offer a broad array of environmental consulting services within the cost saving framework of small business. Give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to learn about your project so we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Conservation Planning and Open Space Management

We help land owners and managers with conservation planning and comprehensive planning on working landscapes, preserves and public access property.

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Wildfire Mitigation and Forestry

Forest management, structure assessments and defensible space layouts are core services. We can help mitigate the risk of wildfire for private landowners, reservoir watersheds, residences and other values at risk.

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Wetland and Riparian Area Management

Our team can assist with wetland delineations, ACOE Nation Wide and Individual permits, watershed assessments and more.

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Rangeland and Noxious Weed Management

We help landowners and managers evaluate forage production, develop grazing plans, manage noxious weeds and more.  Our roots are in agriculture.

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Environmental Compliance and Ecological services

With experience on a wide array of environmental regulations, we are ready to expedite your project to keep your team on track.

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Geographic information system services (GIS)

We utilize a variety of spatial information platforms to support our projects.  We provide sub-meter GPS mapping, modeling and GIS mapping services.

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Our Projects We have experience working with a variety of entities -- from government agencies to commercial enterprises to private land owners. Our service area is the Rocky Mountain West and includes the following states -- Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada.

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What Our Clients Say Testimonials

I think that our Open Space Plan is the best investment Genesee has made since its development.

– Ryan Babcock, Genesee Foundation

Our Conservation Easement Baseline Reports are as good as any report I’ve ever seen. I have forwarded copies on to the Area and District Managers and to the property owners. All are impressed with the clarity and completeness of the work.

-Jay Cooper, Colorado Division of Wildlife

I’ve never seen a more comprehensive or understandable approach to land management.

– Jim Reidhead, Larimer County Rural Land Use Center