Kimberly Karish, D.Des., LEED AP

Dr. Karish has more than eight years of professional work experience involving open space planning, natural resources planning, sustainable land use practices, impact analyses and avoidance protocols, mitigation techniques, and surveys, monitoring, research, modeling, and conservation for wildlife, plant species, and ecological systems. She has more than four years of experience working in, surveying, and developing minimum impact recommendations for riparian systems, habitat continuity, migration corridors, ecosystems, and open space and conservation properties in northern Colorado and several western states. Dr. Karish is a project manager and active contributor as a biological specialist to open space, natural resources, environmental planning, regulatory compliance (NEPA: EIS, EA, and BA projects and plans); successful use of applied knowledge to delineate alternative protection strategies, successful management techniques, or present reduced impact opportunities; contributing author to land use, wildlife, vegetation, visual quality, and air quality assessments.

Dr. Karish successfully creates highly detailed reports, interpretive maps, and conservation action strategies based on spatial and statistical analyses of existing and alternative potential conditions including baseline, climate change, natural resource, and impact data; significant contribution to the development of alternative futures modeling as a predictive conservation measure and management tool for large landscape level environmental and planning projects. Her academic background is in both wildlife population ecology and watershed management techniques, including surface, storm water, and ground water evaluation, impacts, and management practices.

Ph.D in Landscape Ecology and Environmental Planning
M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology
B.S. in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

Certified Wetland Delineator
LEED Accredited Professional