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courtesy of Marko Forsten,
courtesy of Marko Forsten,

Boreas Pass Conservation Easement

    • Client: Colorado Open Lands
    • Date: December, 2019
    • Project Type: Conservation easement baseline documentation report
    • Info:  Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting provided a conservation easement baseline report to meet IRS requirements on charitable donations.

  • The 1,300-acre private property in Park County, Colorado, encompassed a variety of environments. Shortgrass prairie, a wetland complex consisting of fen areas make up the area. In addition, there were fringe wetlands associated with several small creeks flowing through mixed conifer and aspen woodlands.

  • The project was a high priority for conservation because of the presence of fens, Colorado Natural Heritage Program Potential Conservation Areas. It also includes habitat for globally and state rare Kobresia myosuroides-Thalictrum alpinum plant association. A fen is a unique peat wetland composed of deep peat soil and supported by groundwater with very high nutrient content.

  • Terrestrial and aquatic habitats were in excellent condition and had exceptional connectivity with regional public lands. One fen was of particular importance because it represents a unique ecosystem that is home to several state and globally rare plant and invertebrate species. The fen included a unique community of Salix planifolia and Carex aquatilis among a combination of moss mounds and Salix candida.

  • The community was in outstanding condition and covered more area than nearly any other comparable fen in the state of Colorado.