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Bryce Valley Watershed Proper Functioning Condition Assessment

Bryce Valley Watershed Proper Functioning Condition Assessment

    • Client: USDA, National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Utah
    • Date: August, 2009 to May, 2010
    • Project Type: Wetland Management
    • Info: The Natural Resource Conservation Service contract Blue Mountain to conduct a watershed assessment. We focused on gathering resource information about the physical structure and biological function of five rivers, to prioritize treatment areas and to develop management recommendations.

    BMEC assessed 65 miles of waterways  including portions of the Paria River, Little Creek, Yellow Creek, Henderson Creek and Henrieville Creek. Field assessments included flow duration, Rosgen stream classification and a proper functioning condition evaluation (per BLM TR 1737-15 guidelines).

  • Waterways in this part of the country are characterized by flashy flows and correspondingly high sediment transport and deposition. Water conditions in this system were further compounded by historical disturbances, contemporary land use, water depletions and augmentations.

  • Project findings identified areas in proper functioning condition and prioritized the treatment of areas that rated functional-at-risk or non-functional. We made recommendations and established baseline conditions in a geo-referenced database to support future management activities.

  • This project involved collaboration with NRCS, BLM, NPS, USGS and private landowners.