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Andrick Preserve Conservation Easement

Andrick Preserve Conservation Eeasement

    • Client: Central Colorado Conservancy
    • Date: July, 2020
    • Project Type: Conservation Planning
    • Info:  Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting provided a conservation easement baseline report to satisfy the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with respect to charitable contributions and also conduct a Phase 1 Environmental Site Investigation per ASTM 2247-08.

    The 100-acre private property located in Lake County, Colorado, south of Leadville is comprised of 11 parcels along the Arkansas River.  Blue Mountain prepared a baseline documentation report in accordance with Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Service Code [§ 1.170A-14 (g)(5)]. We used the suggested format of the Land Trust Alliance and the Trust for Public Lands for our report.  During this project, we focused on protection of riparian function along the Arkansas River and future public access for fishing and recreation. 

    The property supported relatively natural habitat and open space conservation values with shortgrass prairie, sagebrush steppe wetland riparian system. This ecosystem provides valuable habitat for many Tier I (e.g. cinnamon teal, mallard) and Tier II (e.g. bald eagle) species (CPW State Wildlife Action Plan). Terrestrial and aquatic habitats were un-fragmented and in excellent condition with excellent connectivity to regional public lands.

    The Phase 1 Environmental Investigation was conducted in accordance with ASTM 2247-08 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process For Forestland Or Rural Property. The property is downstream of the historic Leadville Mining District and California Gulch Superfund site.