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Olander Farm Conservation Easement

  • Client: Colorado Open Lands
  • Date: June 2022
  • Info:  Colorado Open Lands hired Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting to document baseline conditions of the 100-acre property in Larimer County.

The property is relatively unique on the high plains of Colorado in that it preserves agricultural land with water rights within a rapidly developing portion of Larimer County.

Larimer County’s population increased almost 20 percent from 2010 to 2020 making it the fifth fastest growing county in Colorado. Subdivision of land for residential and commercial purposes is a popular trend along the Colorado Front Range.

Conservation is consistent with private programs because the property is adjacent to lands under existing conservation easements. Conservation preserves scenic values with views of Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountains. Conservation of the property also supports agricultural use and the local economy. The total market value of agricultural products sold in Larimer County in 2017 exceeded $150 million.  

Significantly, the property falls within designated crucial habitat for cutthroat trout. There are documented occurrences within one mile of the property for both cutthroat trout and Colorado River cutthroat trout. Furthermore, the property contains high priority conservation habitat for aquatic sportfish management.

Sweeping contiguous landscapes, with their variety of microclimates, support biodiversity and species resilience.