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Rangeland Management

Rangeland and Noxious Weed Management

At Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting, we understand the challenges that landowners and managers face with rangeland management. We can provide assistance with National Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) programs and a variety of services to meet the needs of your working landscape.  With decades of experience on rural lands, our roots are in agriculture.

Serving the needs of federal and state agencies, Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting offers rangeland services that can be scaled to fit budgetary constraints and program needs.  Our approach to rangeland management includes rigorous techniques, such as Modified-Whittaker sampling protocol and North American Invasive Plant Mapping Standards. These can be used in conjunction with our GIS capabilities to efficiently characterize ecological resources and summarize project findings in meaningful ways. Our approach creates efficiencies in your management plans and useful information to managers.

Noxious weeds must be managed when they threaten adjoining properties. Non-native invaders replace native vegetation, reduce agricultural productivity, cause wind and water erosion and pose an increased threat to communities from wildfire.

Colorado maintains three lists of invasive species, each with their own treatment requirements. Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting can provide noxious weed inventories, integrated noxious weed management plans that include chemical, cultural, biological and mechanical controls in a manner that economically prioritizes treatment efforts directed towards the most disruptive plants and most easily controlled populations. The Colorado Weed Management Association provides additional education for landowners.

Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting has a deep understanding of rangelands, which are vast landscapes predominantly covered by grasses, forbs, and shrubs that support grazing and browsing animals. Our rangeland services encompass various activities aimed at maintaining the health and productivity of rangeland ecosystems while also meeting human needs and conservation goals.  We assist landowners and managers with planning, permitting and implementation.  Our services promote sustainable land use practices that support the ecological integrity, economic viability, and social well-being of rangeland communities.

Rangeland ecology services include:

  • Rangeland Health Assessments
  • Grazing Plans and Rangeland Management
  • Forage Production and Utilization Studies (Animal Forage Balance)
  • Rangeland Infrastructure Mapping
  • Rangeland Rapid Assessment
  • Water Resource Management
  • Ecological Assessments and Restoration Plans
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Vegetation Inventories
  • Noxious and Invasive Weed Inventories and Management
  • Monitoring Programs
  • Rural Land Use Plans
  • NRCS Technical Services – Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQUIP)
  • NRCS Conservation Planning Activities (CPAs)
    • Design and Implementation Activities (DIAs)
    • Conservation Evaluation and Monitoring Activities (CEM)

Technical Guidance and Resources:

Example Projects in Rangeland Management

Slide 1
Ladder Livestock (CAP) Grazing Plan

Ladder Livestock contracted Blue Mountain to work in conjunction with the ranch operators and the local Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) district conservationist to develop a comprehensive grazing plan for the operation.

Slide 1
Meadow Springs Ranch

The City of Fort Collins Utilities contracted Blue Mountain in the spring of 2021 to evaluate rangeland conditions at Meadow Springs Ranch and to provide guidance for subsequent comprehensive management planning.

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Colorado State Parks Noxious Weed Management Plan

Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting prepared noxious weed management plans for Chatfield State Park (3,800 acres) and Cherry Creek State Park (3,300 acres) that included maps, methods for treatment and plans for weed management activities.

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11-mile and Spinney State Parks

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) CPW contracted Blue Mountain Environmental to update the noxious weed inventory and create a new management plan for both 11-mile and Spinney Mountain State Parks.

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