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Environmental compliance for energy storage

Energy Storage Project

    • Client: Commercial Developer
    • Date: July, 2023
    • Project Type: Environmental Compliance
    • Info:  Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting developed a wildlife management plan which detailed wildlife impacts and recommended mitigation measures.

Ortus Colorado engaged Blue Mountain Environmental to develop a
wildlife management plan. The plan provided an overview of
anticipated wildlife impacts associated with the project. In addition, it and explored potential avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures to ensure environmental compliance.

The proposed project encompassed 4,900 acres of relatively
unfragmented habitat containing environmentally sensitive areas with
wilderness characteristics. The project fell within the jurisdiction of
multiple federal, state and local permitting agencies and Ortus
Colorado intended to diligently meet or exceed any environmental compliance requirements by working closely with agency contacts in the
early stages of project development and throughout the planning and
approval process.

Keeping this mission in mind, Blue Mountain
prepared a wildlife management plan that identified special-status
species (federal- and state-listed threatened, endangered and
candidate species) that may be impacted by the construction and
operation of the proposed project, developed mitigation options for
those special-status species identified and ensured proposed actions
complied with all applicable state and federal resource management
plans, laws and regulatory frameworks.