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I-25 and State Highway 21 Noxious Weed Management

I-25 and State Highway 21 Noxious Weed Assessment

    • Client:¬† Cascade Environmental
    • Date: March, 2020
    • Project Type: Noxious Weed Assessment
    • Info: Cascade Environmental hired Blue Mountain Environmental to provide a noxious weed assessment. This will help with mapping and management of noxious weeds for the I-25 and State Highway 21 interchange project.

    The 240-acre project in El Paso County involved the construction of a new, fully-directional interchange at I-25, including two lanes in each direction for approximately 0.6 miles, multiple ramps, widening the Interstate and restoration of a section of a nearby creek. Blue Mountain provided an assessment that compiled the location and extent of numerous noxious weed populations that were previously mapped by other entities and identified additional weed infestations.

  • BMEC mapped the N\new weed populations with an Archer GPS unit equipped with ArcPad 10.2. Weed polygons were recorded in accordance with North American Invasive Plant Mapping Standards, which includes documentation of species, location, infested area and canopy cover.

    Findings were communicated to the client and Colorado Department of Transportation so that management actions could be better orchestrated in relation to plant phenology.