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OS view from top of dam

Lowry Community Urban Wildfire Risk

  • Client: Lowry Community Master Association
  • Date: July, 2023 – November, 2023
  • Info: Lowry hired Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting provide wildfire risk of 800+ acres of parks and open space within its environs


Lowry is a master planned community association built on the location foremerly occupied by the Lowry Air Force Base. Lowry includes single family homes, apartments, businesses, medical clinics and other organizations. With over 1800 acres of property, Lowry is home to thousands of residents. 

Included in its community is 800+ acres of open space and parks. Much of the open space is wild, native grasses that grow up to five feet tall. It shares a striking similarity in climate and topography to Superior, Colorado where the Marshall Fire ignited in December, 2021. Lowry requested Blue Mountain to assess the wildfire risk of the comuunity given the open space. We documented fuel types and load, and factored in climate, weather, housing density to come up with a comprehensive report on wildfire risk.