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NCAR Open Space Plan

NCAR Ecosystem Management Plan

  • Client: ¬†National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Date: May, 2005 to September, 2005
  • Project Type: Conservation Planning
  • Info: Blue Mountain and the Anchor Point Group were contracted to develop a comprehensive planning document for the 450-acre National Center for Atmospheric Research reserve in Boulder County, Colorado. This plan was created to meet long-range resource planning goals for open space, to ensure that management activities are ecologically sustainable and to integrate these goals with social directives. The plan addressed 1) Forest Management and Wildfire Mitigation, 2) Rangelands and Noxious Weeds, and 3) Wildlife.

These objectives were met through the implementation of an ecosystem management planning process that included field inventories, database searches, literature reviews and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping. Anchor Point Group provided technical assistance with wildfire behavior modeling and the development of restoration prescriptions. Project Envelope, an ERSI ArcMap extension, was utilized to distribute plots across stratifications.