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Nevada Stream Wetland Management

Nevada Stream Survey

    • Client: Bureau of Land Management, Elko County, Nevada
    • Date: August, 2011 – December, 2011
    • Project Type: Proper Functioning Condition Assessment, Aquatic Habitat Inventory, Monitoring Level 111 Survey, GIS Database Development
    • Info:  BLM contracted with Blue Mountain Environmental to monitor riparian conditions within various grazing allotments.

    Blue Mountain assessed thirty-seven miles of waterways in nine different drainages. We monitored the effect of livestock grazing on wetlands and fisheries habitat.

  • We utilized the Proper Functioning Condition assessment (BLM TR1537) as a qualitative process to evaluate hydrology, vegetation and erosion and deposition processes within each waterway. The Aquatic Habitat Inventory and Monitoring Level III Survey Procedures (Elko Revised Handbook 6720-1) provided detailed information about fisheries habitat and grazing impacts.

  • Waterways occurred within five different grazing allotments, which had undergone different ecological processes such as fire and historical overgrazing. The survey work required accessing extremely remote areas within and adjacent to the Jarbridge Wilderness. We assessed conditions on perennial, intermittent and ephemeral drainages.

  • Blue Mountain staff collected repeat photographs, survey notes and GPS data to contribute to future monitoring efforts.