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Park City Wildfire Risk Assessment

  • Client: Park City Municipal Corporation, Alpine Forestry
  • Date: June, 2022 – May, 2023
  • Info: Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) hired Alpine Forestry, who sub-contracted with Blue Mountain Environmental to spearhead planning and community engagement.


Blue Mountain coordinated with Alpine Forestry and Park City Municipal Corporation to assess wildfire risk and recommend wildfire mitigation. BMEC’s core tasks centered around planning and community engagement.

The comprehensive wildfire risk assessment for the City of Park City,
Utah, includes the city limits, Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts and
surrounding open space, covering roughly 33,000 acres. The risk
assessment identified high-risk values, collected feedback from the
community and incorporated fire behavior analysis to better
understand the risks of wildfire to the Park City area.

The project is the collaborative effort of four companies. Blue Mountain
is responsible for all planning for each of the different phases of the
project, for the production of the final report and for outreaching to
and engaging the community to gather feedback.

The team provided a comprehensive report that became a snapshot in time of conditions and assessments that willenable regulators, responders, stakeholders, and the community toadapt and respond to a changing environment.