Crossons-Longview Environmental Assessment

  • Client: J.W. Associates for Park, Jefferson, Douglas, Clear Creek and Teller counties
  • Date: Jan 2014
  • Info: Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting provided vegetation resource reports and extensive geographic information system analyses for an Environmental Assessment of a proposed forest restoration project on the South Platte Ranger District in the Pike & San Isabel National Forests.

The proposed forest restoration focused on returning the montane forest to its historic condition in order to reduce wildfire hazard and to improve the health of the ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir dominated forests of the montane ecosystem. The objectives of the proposed project were to provide vegetation treatments in the form of thinning, creating openings, prescribed burning, and removing trees within the 22,729 acre Crossons-Longview Project Area.

GIS support was provided by Blue Mountain in the form of alternatives development, terrestrial species modeling, recreation and land use identification, mapping and specialist support, and extensive vegetation modeling and acreage calculations with associated databases. ESRI’s Spatial Analyst Model Builder was employed to create and run iteration models.

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