Gelvin Ranch Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • Client: The Nature Conservancy, Yuma County, Colorado
  • Date: Oct 2010 to Nov 2010
  • Info: Gelvin Ranch is a 920-acre working ranch located in eastern Yuma County, Colorado. A Phase I Environmental Assessment was initiated because the landowner transferred developmental rights to The Nature Conservancy through a conservation easement.

Based on the results of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment investigation, it was determined that the Gelvin Ranch property was free of environmental hazards and contamination. A trash dump was observed near the western property boundary in an eroded drainage ditch; however, the site was examined and believed to be de minimus, as containers were empty and evidence of release, such as distressed vegetation and odors were not observed. Blue Mountain consulted with Environmental Data Resources Inc. of Milford, Conn., to obtain available environmental records data to help identify recognizable environmental conditions on and surrounding the property.