Genesee Foundation Ecosystem Management Plan

  • Client: Genesee Foundation, Jefferson County, Colorado
  • Date: May 2003 to Sep 2009
  • Info: Blue Mountain and Anchor Point Group were contracted to develop a comprehensive ecosystem management plan for the Genesee Foundation. This plan provided long-term planning for open space resources and provided background information about local natural resources.

Genesee is a 1,000-acre covenant-protected community where the developed environment coexists with the area’s natural setting.

The Genesee Ecosystem Management Plan was created to meet long-range resource planning goals for open space, to ensure ecosystem sustainability and to integrate these directives with community preferences. Specific project goals were to enhance and maintain native plant and animal species, their communities and the ecological processes that sustain them; restore forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire to the forest and community; develop an integrated management approach that encompasses all ecological communities represented at Genesee; and provide a tool for Genesee residents to understand the complexity of the Genesee ecosystem.

Anchor Point Group completed a comprehensive wildfire risk assessment that included a community assessment and wildfire behavior modeling to identify values at risk.