Ladder Livestock (CAP) Grazing Plan

  • Client: USDA NRCS, Carbon County, WY; Routt & Moffat Counties, Colorado
  • Date: Aug 2010 to Feb 2011
  • Info: Ladder Livestock is a large and complicated transhumance operation in north-central Colorado and south-central Wyoming that operates on over 140,000 deeded or leased acres. Blue Mountain worked in conjunction with the ranch operators and the local Natural Resource Conservation Service District Conservationist to develop a comprehensive grazing plan for the operation.

The components of a grazing conservation activity plan are defined by the Natural Resource Conservation Service and include an inventory of ranch infrastructure, forage inventories, estimations of grazing utilization and a rangeland trend evaluation. Information from these inventories is used to complete forage balance worksheets and develop a grazing rotation plan that will preserve rangeland condition while meeting animal forage needs. Ecological Range Site maps were developed by evaluating edaphic, topographic and vegetative characteristics per NRCS guidelines to supplement forage descriptions.