North Taft Hill and Laporte Avenue Ecological Characterization Study

  • Client: Bella Energy, Larimer County, CO
  • Date: Feb 2015
  • Info: Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting prepared an ecological characterization study for a proposed solar farm in Larimer County.

An Ecological Characterization Study (ECS) was required by the City of Fort Collins Community Development and Neighborhood Services department because portions of the project were within 500 feet of an irrigation ditch that serves as a wildlife corridor. The ECS prepared by Blue Mountan Environmental Services conforms to Section 3.4.1 (D) (1) of the Land Use Code of the City of Fort Collins.

The proposed solar array on 5 acres of land was comprised of approximately 1,000 kW DC of solar modules mounted on racks supported by a driven-pile foundation system. Other improvements included concrete pads, access road, culvert and electrical conduit. The project will create solar energy that is put onto the city’s electrical grid.

Blue Mountain visited the site; evaluated the potential impacts on wildlife, wetlands, prominent views, trees and vegetation, sensitive species, special habitat features, wildlife migration corridors; and recommended mitigation measures.

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