Parkside Village Environmentally Sensitive Areas Report

  • Client: City of Loveland, Larimer County, CO
  • Date: July 2015
  • Info: Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting documented ecological characteristics within the proposed Parkside Village community on 42.9 acres in Loveland, evaluating potential impacts of development and providing recommendations for protection, mitigation, and enhancement.

The proposed development, located on a bluff overlooking Boedecker Lake in Loveland and is adjacent to Boedecker Lake State Wildlife Area (SWA). Boedecker Lake SWA, provides the public with recreational activities including hunting for dove and waterfowl, a warm-water fishery and wildlife viewing. The developer proposed to work with the City of Loveland Parks Department and other interested public stakeholders in acquiring approximately 24 of the 42.9 acres. The acquisition provides community-wide benefit and maximizes the value of Boedecker Lake and was well suited for the proposed open space, proposed park and trail to further enhance connectivity in the region.

Blue Mountain evaluated the property for threatened and endangered species habitat, utilizing the US Fish and Wildlife Service Information, Planning and Conservation System (IPAC) to determine species of concern in Larimer County, identified noxious weeds and provided management recommendations that would benefit wildlife habitat. Blue Mountain also identified primary concerns on the property, such as black-tailed prairie dogs, timing of construction to avoid disturbing nesting birds, the potential of increased runoff from hardened surfaces and the introduction of undesirable plants. Recommendations were made to mitigate all the concerns.  Blue Mountain prepared an Environmentally Senstive Areas Report to facilitate informed decision making with respect to the proposed development in a manner that recognizes and preserves the natural qualities of natural areas within the project site and adjacent areas that may be impacted by the proposed development.

The report conformed to the Loveland Colorado 2005 Comprehensive Plan (Section 3.2), the 2014 Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Appendix E) and the Loveland Municipal Code (Chapters 18.41 and 16.20).