Winterhaven Conservation Easement Baseline Report

  • Client: Ducks Unlimited, Sedwick County, Colorado
  • Date: Apr 2009 to May 2009
  • Info: The Winterhaven property is an 820-acre working ranch located in northeast Colorado along the South Platte River. The property was purchased by Ducks Unlimited in 2009 to protect conservation values and restore waterfowl habitat.

This property has high habitat potential because it is along a major flyway and is proximal to other protected lands with wetland and upland habitats. Our baseline documentation report went beyond the requirements of Internal Revenue Service for charitable contributions to include a noxious weed inventory and management plan, evaluation of riparian condition to establish baseline conditions and Major Land Use Area reports to establish historical rangeland composition. A comprehensive GIS database was developed to quantify site resources to support future management activities.