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Wetland & Riparian Management

To meet the complex needs of wetlands and riparian areas, Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting employs multidisciplinary teams to wetland delineations, 404 Permitting, Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Assessments, Rosgen Channel Evaluations, fisheries habitat evaluations and stream flow duration assessments.

Working hand-in-hand with federal agencies, non-profit organizations and residential landowners, we have experience with a variety of lentic and lotic wetlands throughout the Rocky Mountain west including high elevation fens, large rivers on the eastern plains, grazed riparian systems in the intermountain west and flashy intermittent arroyos of the desert southwest.  We also provide erosion and sedimentation control services, ecological restoration, and a vast assortment of other services to suit the needs of your project.  We can assist you in any of the following areas:

  • FACWet Analysis
  • Stream Visual Assessments
  • Wetland Delineation and 404 Permitting
  • Proper Functioning Condition Assessments
  • Fisheries Habitat Assessments
  • Wetland & Riparian Restoration
  • Rosgen Channel Evaluations
  • Sub-meter Boundary Mapping
  • Sedimentation and Erosion Control
  • Stream Flow Duration Assessments