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Ruby Mountain Conservation Easement Management Plan

Ruby Mountain Conservation Easement Management Plan

    • Client: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.
    • Date: April, 2021 – May, 2022
    • Project Type:  Conservation easement baseline documentation report, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Easement Management Plan
    • Info: Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting developed a conservation easement baseline report for a public-access property along the Arkansas River. 

    Nestlé Waters North America collects spring water for Arrowhead Springs Bottled Water at this location. Blue Mountain Environmental also helped Blue Triton Brands (who purchased the property) develop a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Easement Management Plan.  

  • The 122-acre property in Chaffee County is used by Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. for collection and distribution of drinking water emanating from the Ruby Mountain Spring. This conservation project was significant for several reasons.

  • With two public-access fishing easements already on the property, Nestlé Waters North America had plans for a third fishing easement to provide for greater public access to the Arkansas River. Additionally, Nestlé Waters North America, along with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, intends to create a viewing location for use by the general public to see bighorn sheep and raptors. The property buffers Browns Canyon National Monument which earned its designation in February 2015, in part for its sweeping views of the Arkansas River Valley and the Sawatch Range. The property, with its riparian areas and ‘C’ type river channel, also provides abundant habitat for the greenback cutthroat ,Colorado’s state fish and a threatened species.

    To help ensure the property is managed in accordance with the conservation easement, Blue Mountain prepared a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Easement Management Plan. The plan provides protection for wildlife habitat, valuable wetland and riparian ecosystems, upland bighorn sheep habitat and public access for recreation, while also allowing for the continued operation of the spring water production infrastructure.