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Southwest Prospect and I-25 Interchange Wetland Management

Southwest Prospect and I-25 Interchange

    • Client: Colorado State University Research Foundation
    • Date: March, 2018 – November, 2018
    • Project Type: Ecological characterization study, ACOE wetland delineation, groundwater monitoring, Jurisdictional Determination request
    • Info: City of Fort Collins hire Blue Mountain to conduct an Ecological Characterization Study, delineate a variety of complex wetlands and request a Jurisdictional Determination. The proposed commercial development and improved I-25 interchange near the City of Fort Collins’ Running Deer Natural Area and Boxelder Creek required several types of environmental compliance per the City of Fort Collins Land Use Code. 

    The 142-acre proposed development is located east of Fort Collins along Interstate 25 in Larimer County. Blue Mountain collaborated with the landowner (Colorado State University Research Foundation), the City of Fort Collins and the Army Corps of Engineers to provide a variety of consulting services. Due to the project’s proximity to the city-owned Running Deer Natural Area and to Boxelder Creek, Blue Mountain prepared an Ecological Characterization Study for the site to satisfy the requirements of Section 3.4.1 (D)(1) of the Land Use Code of the City of Fort Collins . The report evaluated the effects of development on wildlife, wetlands, vegetation and identified proposed mitigation measures. 

    Because proposed site activities would impact wetlands, Blue Mountain delineated a variety of wetlands associated with agricultural ditches, canals and lentic wetlands with unknown sources of hydrology.  We monitored groundwater monitoring levels before and during the irrigation season to demonstrate the source of hydrology.  Wetlands were delineated in accordance with the Regional Supplement to the ACOE Wetland Delineation Manual: Great Plains Region

  • BMEC submitted a wetland delineation report to ACOE and the City of Fort Collins with groundwater monitoring data to support the Corps’ Jurisdictional Determination.