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Vista Meadows

Vista Meadows Ecological Assessment

    • Client: TB Group
    • Date: August, 2022
    • Project Type: Wetland Management
    • Info: TB Group hired Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting to provide a report on the general ecological function of a 150-acre proposed development property east of Fort Lupton in Weld County, Colorado. The format of the report was developed through conversations with the Fort Lupton planning department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

    To portray the current ecological function of the property, Blue Mountain identified current vegetation species, significant wetland areas, potential flood zones. We also included available wildlife habitat and wildlife movement corridors.

    The report identified the potential effects development could have on threatened and endangered species. Blue Mountain also provided recommendations for mitigation measures to ensure the project met any requirements related to the Clean Waters Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act or Endangered Species Act.