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North Taft Hill and LaPorte Avenue Ecological Characterization Study

North Taft Hill and LaPorte Avenue Ecological Characterization Study

    • Client: Pumbaa Properties LLC, Larimer County, CO
    • Date: April 2015
    • Info: Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting prepared an Ecological Characterization Study (ECS) as required by the City of Fort Collins Community Development and Neighborhood Services department.

    The project was within 500 feet of an area identified as a natural habitat and within 100 feet of a wetland greater than 1/3 of an acre without significant use by waterfowl and shorebirds. The ECS documents ecological characteristics within a proposed one-acre site and conforms to Section 3.4.1 (D) (1) of the Land Use Code of the City of Fort Collins regarding the preparation of an ECS.

    When it is determined that a development site likely include areas with wildlife, plant life and/or other natural characteristics in need of protection, then the developer shall provide to the City an ecological characterization report prepared by a professional qualified in the areas of ecology, wildlife biology or other relevant discipline.

    The ECS describes the wildlife use of the area; the boundary of wetlands in the area and a description of the ecological functions and characteristics provided by those wetlands; any prominent views from or across the site; trees and other site vegetation; areas inhabited by or frequently utilized by sensitive and specially valued species; special habitat features; wildlife movement corridors; general ecological functions and other information