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Wildfire Mitigation through Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners

  • Client: Boulder County, homeowners in Boulder County
  • Date: April, 2014 – present, ongoing
  • Project Type: Wildfire mitigation, structure protection, defensible space
  • Info: Working as consultants for Wildfire Partners, Blue Mountain Environmental Consulting provides home owners with resources to mitigate their property against the threat of wildfires.

Wildfire Partners is a nationally recognized wildfire mitigation program to educate mountain and foothills homeowners in Boulder County about wildfire preparedness. Mitigation specialists provide on-site assessments and education to participating homeowners on how to mitigate their homes against the threat of wildfires. Clients receive a comprehensive report prioritizing actions to take to protect their homes and accessory structures.  Upon completion of required items, property owners receive certification that can be used as proof of mitigation for insurance purposes.

Ponderosa pine forests have large fuel loads, are prone to insect outbreaks, and are more susceptible to large catastrophic fires. Fire behavior in the 21st century is beyond historical norms in terms of frequency, severity, and size. 

A properly mitigated home will usually have clumps of trees, openings and isolated individual trees in the first 100 feet around the home. High value trees and resources are given proper consideration in a thoughtful and effective defensible space layout. The specialist marks vegetation for removal according to Colorado State Forest Service guidelines.